Project performance metrics

FairForest Metrics is available for free and are published under the Creative Commons license CC BY 4.0. You can download the metrics and simply start using those that are relevant to you. For external reports and publications the FairForest Metrics need to be cited.

Reference citing:
FairForest, Year. (Metric ID) Metric Name. FairForest Version.

Reference example:
FairForest, 2014. (152) Community support activities. v.1.0.

Background information

At the FairForest web page you find more detailed information about the systematic of the FairForest metrics.

Supportive materials

As we tried to align the FairForest Metrics as close as possible to the IRIS catalog of generally-accepted performance metrics that leading impact investors use to measure social, environmental, and financial success we recommend their guide which explains how to use performance metrics: Getting started with IRIS

Learn more about how investors, fund mangers and forest project develops are using metrics to measure the performance of sustainable forestry projects: How to measure the performance of forestry projects?

FairForest Rating

For those who want to use the metrics to carry out ratings for their projects, OpenForests can help to conduct independent forest project ratings: Example project rating

Download the entire catalog of FairForest Metrics

Download FairForest Metrics

The complete version of the FairForest Metrics 1.0, released in 2014.


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